Fun Services has been nothing short of AMAZING for our PTA! They have helped us pull off amazing events such as our Santa's Secret Shop as well as making our end of the year Field Day so much fun! They have gone above and beyond to our large elementary school's needs and are an absolute pleasure to work with! As long as I am the PTA President, they will have our business!

-Julie Oglesby

Harnew Elementary School PTA President


Good afternoon Pat and Lori – I am remiss in not sending this note of thanks earlier today.  Trying to finish up a few of the clean-up details on the grounds and get things back to some semblance of normal!  Thank you, found the gourds and loaded them up before the squirrels and deer looted them.  I left a lot of unanswered emails on Friday in order to focus on the picnic and have had to play some catch up with work/work, so forgive the lateness of my thanks today! I want to send my deep appreciation to you both, and your great team of young gentlemen, and your parents (Lori) for all that you did to make the Charter Dura-Bar Family Picnic such a successful event.  I have received many compliments regarding the games, bounce houses, photo booth, popcorn . . . I could go on and on and on!  People were genuinely tickled with all the amusements you provided and I loved watching the guys be so kind to the little children at all of the bounce houses – as well as at the spin art table.  Seeing how the children were being watched over, challenged, cheered on and encouraged was just heartwarming.  Who knew that high striker would be such a hit?  My team sort of “pooh-poohed” it initially – but holy moly – kids and adults loved that thing.  I had more than one employee come up to me and said the picnic was just perfect, just the right amount of fun for the kids/adults and phenomenal food too.  And more than one said that this was their favorite event by far.  I wonder if our choice to scale back and do a bit less made for just the right mixture of amusements and socializing too.  I know that in the future, I can count on you to prepare and run a fantastic event on site! I was sorry that you had to deal with some QC issues with the tables and chairs.  Lori, God bless you and your “elbow grease” cleaning chair after chair after chair.  Pat, God bless you for the water run!  In spite of asking each food truck to stock beverages, somehow that thread was completely missing.  AND I am sure there are countless other special touches that you did unseen to help things run smoothly behind the scenes.  You helped provide a worry-free, turn-key event for our employees and the Charter Dura-Bar Outings Team is so grateful to you for all your hard work! Thank you, once more, for all that you did to make the picnic such a wonderful event!  Your energy, enthusiasm and care were stellar.

Kindest regards, Susan


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